Building Control in the EC area

Building_Control_Fotolia_ImageBuilding Control was introduced in around 1666 to prevent the re-occurrence of the great fire of London which spread throughout the City of London. The Parliament passed an act for the rebuilding of London where surveyors were appointed to ensure its requirements were not violated.

In the EC area, the District Surveyors Association which was formed on the nineteenth century requires the uniformity and interpretation of building legislation throughout the EC area. The Building Control plays a major part in the realisation of a safe and healthy built environment which is a fundamental part of any building for overall success of modern construction within the EC area.

The Building Control act fulfils the purpose of being both a duty and a service where they overlook the EC area’s function set out in the Building Act 1984. Building Control will provide a quality service where they will work alongside the designers and contractors to give guidance and assistance at the early stages of the planning to achieve compliance with the regulations. The pre application advice and guidance from Building Control added a good input towards the projects within the EC area.

The Building Control act ensures that all buildings within the EC area fulfil the standard health and safety of people inside or around is not compromised and the people with disabilities are catered for satisfactorily. All the newly built buildings and under construction buildings within the EC area are serviced by highly skilled and experienced Building Control Surveyors to ensure a quality level of service.

The Parliament has laid down Building Regulation as a minimum standards to secure the health and safety of people which the EC area has to abide to, as they are about the design and construction of buildings as the provisions of services and equipment in any building in the EC area. Larger buildings that needed additional fire risks are addressed by the requirements of the London Building Acts at section 20 and 21 has now been cancelled.