Waste Removal in the EC area of London

Waste Clearance in EC AreaThe City of London Corporation is an authority within London that looks after the EC area of the City. Being the financial and business hub of the UK and to some extent Europe, the corporation has very strict laws on waste in and around the area. These rules and regulations apply to residential households as well as businesses.

Larger offices and businesses are expected to have recycling, waste management and rubbish removal procedures in place.

City Commercial Waste and Recycling

The City of London Corporation has laid out Legal Obligations for businesses within its jurisdiction. It reads “You are responsible for your waste from when you produce it until you have transferred it to an authorised person.”

The Duty of Care applied to businesses means that all businesses have a legal responsibility to ensure that they produce, store, transport and dispose of business waste without harming the environment.

As part of this Duty of Care law, commercial residents must ensure that they store their waste securely so that it does not escape. It is also the responsibility of the business to ensure all waste is transported by an authorised business, and a Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is completed for every transfer of waste OR for a specified period.

Please note: The WTN must be kept on record for at least two years.

Household Recycling in the City of London

As well as imposing Duty of Care laws to its commercial residents the City of London Corporation also encourages its household residents to recycle by making it easy: Most recyclable items can be placed together into clear recycling sacks or into a recycling bin.

There are also recycling locations across the area, which are open to the public. These sites are kept clean and are easy to access.